Reel Movie Reviews: The Forbidden Kingdom

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Starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, The Forbidden Kingdom certainly looks to be a must-see for anyone interested in martial arts.

But what about those that enjoy a sensible plot? Intelligent dialogue? Overall entertainment? A handful of critics weigh in on whether or not The Forbidden Kingdom provides all these and more, as well...

- The Jackie/Jet pairing lives up to the hype, resulting in one of the best family adventure tales of recent memory. -- ReelzChannel

- While top-billed duo do indeed occupy plenty of screen time, this is basically the latest version of that post-Star Wars fantasy concept in which only a middle-class white teenage boy can save the universe from, y'know, Evil. -- Variety

Lu Yan Photo

- An incredibly entertaining and satisfying action flick well worth the wait to finally see these two martial arts masters work together. --

- Once past the clunky prologue, the film is great fun, with a good balance between computer effects and athleticism. -- New York Magazine

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The Forbidden Kingdom Quotes

[to Lan Cai He] We can kill each other when it's over.

Lu Yan

Jason Tripitikas: [during his training] This is insane!
Lu Yan: [after kicking him to the ground] First rule. Show respect to your teachers.