Reel Movie Reviews: The Ruins

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Reel Movie Reviews: The Ruins
The Ruins was a best-selling book by author Scott Smith. The same man has now written the screen play for the horror movie, in theaters now.

Does the film live up to the novel? We asked that question to a handful of critics. Here are their answers...

- At once silly, gross and boring...aims to be something more than a generic vacationing-twentysomethings-in-peril movie, [but] its pretensions make it even more ludicrous. -- One Guy's Opinion

- The Ruins is one of the creepiest, most disturbing tales to hit theaters in months. If there is a film that is guaranteed to make your skin crawl, this one is it. -- Film School Rejects

A Look at the Ruins

- The shift from averting your eyes from the gore to rolling your eyes at the stupid dialogue is enough to give you a headache. -- Salt Lake Tribune

- "Touristas" with a better cast, higher production values and a supernatural edge...hits all the novel's outer horror touch points, but director Carter Smith doesn't let them build so much as check them off a list that he's rushing through. -- Reeling Reviews

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The Ruins Quotes

We're being quarantined here. We're being kept here to die.


Jeff: So what do you guys think: Ancient Mayan temple off the beaten path?