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Starting today, we'd like to introduce a new feature to our site, Reel Movie Stars. During Reel Movie Stars, we will highlight a different star and bring you quotes, pictures, fun facts, and incredibly complete filmographies. We decided we would launch this feature with one of the biggest stars in movies today, Will Ferrell.

Now almost everyone knows Will Ferrell thanks to his box office successes and his incredible tenure on Saturday Night Live, where he became the highest paid cast member ever in 2001. Now what you may not know is that Ferrell was the kicker for his high school varsity football team or that he originally wanted to be a sports broadcaster and graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in Sports Information.

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Ferrell ran the Boston Marathon in 2003 and the New York City Marathan in 2001 with his wife. And you know that weird scar you see on Ferrell's stomach during his frequent topless scenes? Ferrell has had that scar since he was a baby when he had surgery to treat pyloric stenosis, a condition that causes frequent vomitting.

How well do you know Will Ferrell's film career? Sure you've seen Anchorman a million times, but did you know Ferrell made his film debut in 1995 in an uncredited role in Criminal Hearts? Can you name the three movies based off Saturday Night Live skits he's been in? (Hint, the answers are A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, and The Ladies Man).

Haven't had your Will Ferrell fix yet? We hope not! We've updated Ferrell's star page with over 18 movies complete with classic Will Ferrell quotes. We even have a beautiful Ferrell photo montage to leave you on.

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Will Ferrell

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Will Ferrell was born in Irvine, California where he attended University High School and was the kicker for the school's varsity football team. Ferrell then went on to college at the University of Southern California where he studied Sports Broadcasting. Upon graduating in 1990, Ferrel joined the comedy group, The Groundings.

Will Ferrell's career took off when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1995 until 2002. During his impressive tenure at SNL, Ferrel had supporting roles in several movies including several SNL skits turned movies like A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, and The Ladies Man.

However, it was after Ferrel left SNL that he had his first starring role as Frank "The Tank" in Old School. Ever since, Ferrel has been an A-list comedy star with movies such as Elf, Anchormam, Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, Semi-Pro, Land of the Lost, Casa de Mi Padre, and The Campaign.

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Cop: From bodily fluids and hair samples we determined that... a bunch of old homeless dudes had an orgy in there.
Allen Gamble: Oh God.
Cop: It's called a 'soup kitchen'. ...A mama raccoon came along and gave birth on the floor, placenta blew out all over the back window there.

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