The X-Files Wants to Believe

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When it comes to The X-Files s movie title, the truth is finally out there. Or here, we guess. You get the point.

The big-screen sequel of the paranormal TV show will be called The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Chris Carter, the series' creator and the movie's director and co-writer, has confirmed to The Associated Press.

X-Files 2 Teaser Poster

This title is a familiar phrase for fans of the series.

"I Want to Believe" was the slogan on a poster Duchovny's UFO-obsessed agent Fox Mulder had hanging in the cluttered basement office where he and Anderson's Dana Scully worked.

"It's a natural title," Carter said. "It's a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. `I Want to Believe.' It really does suggest Mulder's struggle with his faith."

What do you think of this title? We aren't fans of the use of the first person in it.

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The X-Files: I Want to Believe Quotes

Father Joe: So you believe in these kind of things?
Fox Mulder: Let's just say that I want to believe.

Fox Mulder: Scully, I need you in this with me.
Dana Scully: That's what scares me.