Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Dish on Baby Mama

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will soon find out if they can carry a movie in the same way as male comedians such as Will Ferrell and Steve Carell.

The two friends recently sat down with ComingSoon.net to discuss their latest comedy, Baby Mama:

CS: Can you talk about the improvisation you did on the set and are there moments where you crack up the other one and ruin a take?
Poehler: That was a fun day when we shot that scene [where Angie gives birth]. There's always a lot of birthing movies that never really talk about how foul people's mouths get. So that was a fun thing -- it was all one long shot, so as Tina was pushing me down the hall, we got to do a lot of stuff and grab a lot of stuff and there were real extras who were genuinely startled by me yelling, so that was a lot of fun.
Fey: I think the take that's in the movie was the last take of the night. Amy asked Michael, "Is this the last take probably?" And he said, "Uh huh," so she pulled the Christmas tree down, ripped an IV out of a patient. She made sure she was enough of an obedient good girl that she didn't want to wreck the set until it was the last take and then she tore the place up.

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CS: Why do you think there have been so many pregnancy comedies in the last year?
Fey: I think it is a universal experience, and I think there may be a generation of comedy writers that are hitting that age where they all have kids and the guys that would have written their dating fantasy comedies 15 years ago are people writing what they know. It might be a little bit of a generational thing.
Poehler: I think Juno is very different than Knocked Up, and I think our film is very different from that, too. I think they're all kind of different, although they tend to deal with the same topic, that's really where it ends in some ways. But I think our film is in the same vein as "Knocked Up" -- it's kind of straight-up comedy.

Read the full interview with Fey and Poehler now.

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Baby Mama Quotes

Caroline: [holding her son's dirty hand] Is this chocolate or poop? Is this chocolate or poop?!
Caroline: [licks son's hand and smiles] It's chocolate!
Kate Holbrook: What if that had been poop?!

Rob: Do you want to come back to my...
Kate Holbrook: Yes. Absolutely!
Rob: Wow. Okay! Just to be clear, I was going to say my place...
Kate Holbrook: Uh-huh. I'm 37. I know how this works.