TV Guide Interview: A Tale of Two Spocks

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As buzz about the new Star Trek movie continues around the Internet, TV Guide caught up with a pair of Spocks at the Grand Slam XVI Sci Fi Summit in Burbank, California.

Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy will each take on the iconic role, with Quinto receiving the bulk of screen time as a younger version of the Star Trek crew mate. Here are excerpts from the recent interview with both stars:

TV Guide: Zachary, what kind of questions did you have for Leonard?
Zachary Quinto: They came up as things evolved. The process that I went through to play this part was very internal and private, but in terms of what we're getting into today, I couldn't ask for a better introduction to the experience and to the fans than to engage in it with him here by my side. It's literally unbelievable.

TV Guide: Can the Star Trek life experience be described, Leonard?
Leonard Nimoy: Not in a word. It's been a long, long road for me. I first got involved in 1964, about 44 years ago, and it's had the ups and downs of a very long relationship. There were times when it was fantastic, and there were times when it was dismal, painful. There have been times of struggle, times of questioning â€" What are we into and what should we do next?

Should we do anything about this and why don't we just stop? And then suddenly there's a revival and it gets exciting again. It's a long and very, very interesting ride and now I really feel that I can let it go personally and watch it go off in a very good direction.

TV Guide: When J.J. approached you, what were your thoughts about reviving the character?
Nimoy: I was very flattered. I respect [Abrams] a lot. I respect his work. And he was very flattering with his thoughts about Star Trek and my involvement in it and what I might be able to contribute to the next film. We had a couple of exciting and very interesting meetings. He then sent me a script and it was unlike anything I had ever read before, Star Trek or otherwise.

It was just so loaded with exciting ideas on a big scale and action and great characterizations. I said to him, "I think you've got the characters wonderfully, but I'd be lying to you if I said I understood everything I just read." We talked a little about my questions, about what was happening, and I signed on. Obviously I'm very glad I did, because I think it's going to be a great movie.

Read the complete interview with these actors now.

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