David Eigenberg: Great to be Back on Sex and the City Set

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David Eigenberg, as Sex and the City fans know, portrays Steve Brady in the hit sitcom and - starting next week - movie.

He recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the shoot. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Did you have any hesitation in reprising the role?
Number one, I never thought they would actually make it. Then I saw the script. I was like, ''Wow, it's very nice and respectable; it's a beautiful story for Miranda and Steve.'' I guess there's always a little apprehension.

Miranda and Steve

Is all well in Miranda and Steve land?

It must be hard to move on if that's what you become known for.
In the public eye, I certainly get seen as Steve, and once in a while someone knows my real name. One of the last nights before [my wife and I] made the decision to do it, we were sitting [at our] fifth anniversary dinner. These three women were sitting at this table next to us, and they flipped out. My wife was like, ''David, for that reason alone, you have to do it.''

Sex and the City: The Movie opens on May 30.

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