Director Confirms Plans for National Treasure 3

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Jon Turteltaub recently spoke with IGN about the future of his National Treasure franchise. Here are highlights of the interview:

IGN: Given the relative youth of the country, you've been able to find stories which plug into a specifically American mythology. Do you feel, moving forward, that this will become more and more of a challenge?

Jon Turteltaub: Oh, yeah. It gets a bit harder each time, because with each film we desperately scrounge around to find every little thing we can use. So there are fewer and fewer ideas left with each movie. If we have to make things a bit more international, that's probably where we'll have to go next.

IGN: Will there be a third film?
Turteltaub: There will certainly be a third film that we desire and endeavor to make. But whether it gets made is all about the kind of things you just asked. Can we come up with an awesome story and great character development worthy of another movie? If not, we won't make it.

Unlike the idea of a Jurassic Park 4, we welcome a third National Treasure film. It's not hard to see many different directions this premise could go in.

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