Emile Hirsch Dishes on Speed Racer

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With Iron Man having left its impressive mark on the movie world this past weekend, the next big film on the horizon is Speed Racer. It opens on Friday.

Below, star Emile Hirsch talks with ComingSoon.net about filming such a special effects-oriented adventure...

CS: Were you loving the green screen experience? John Goodman said it was like working in low-budget theater.

Hirsch: That's funny. That's pretty funny. He's right. There are no sets or props. It's like your doing "Waiting for Godot" or something.

CS: What are your memories of it?
Hirsch: Just kind of this green wall, talking to it, thinking about it. What was really weird was doing the car scenes because we did it on a hydraulic pump called a gimbal. All of my anger in the film is so authentic because they were just slamming me around in the simulator for hours. It was green and hot and there are lights on you and you can't move because you're strapped in.

You get literally frustrated to the point where you want to rip the thing apart with a bat, and arrrggh. I think I have a drawing of me breaking it. I'm serious. All the scenes where I'm like arrrggh, it's just me. Imagine if it was comfortable and I was happy, I'd be like, "Hey, guys, get out of my way" (smiling).

Read the full interview with Hirsch now.

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Speed Racer Quotes

Pops Racer: You think you can drive a car and change the world? It doesn't work like that!
Speed: Maybe not, but it's the only thing I know how to do and I gotta do something.

Move it, Speed! It's getting ugly out there!