Opening This Week: Sex and the City Movie, The Foot Fist Way

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Four women are set to dominate the box office this weekend, while one tae kwon do instructor hopes he can at least smash his way into a cult following.

Here's a closer look at each new movie…

Sex and the City: The Movie
Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthis Nixon, Kristin David, Kim Cattrall
Quick synopsis: Four women. One city. Lots of talk about sex.
Prediction: The movie will top the box office, while Cosmopolitans will top the order list at every bar in the country.

The Foot Fist Way
Stars: Nobody you've heard of.
Quick synopsis: A tae kwon do instructor goes on a pilgrimage with his friends.
Prediction: Little dent in box office tally, but a Super Troopers-like following once the film hits DVD.

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