Reel Movie Reviews: Cassandra's Dream

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Reel Movie Reviews: Cassandra's Dream

Cassandra's Dream certainly wasn't one of Woody Allen's highest grossing movies of all-time. But is it worth a rental?

With the movie coming out on DVD tomorrow, we posed that question to a number of film critics. Their answers are below...

- Cassandra's Dream lacks energy and spark. Monotonous and simplistic, it is definitely not worthy of Woody Allen... -- Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

- Allen, who stays behind the camera, brings too little wit and too much contrivance to material that quickly dissolves into warmed-over Dostoevski... -- Rolling Stone

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- Cassandra's Dream is second-rate Allen, but it's still compelling thanks to its magnetic co-stars... -- The Washington Times

- Farrell and McGregor deliver remarkably nuanced performances in and through their mundane one-dimensionality, taking average Joes and give them average strengths and weaknesses... -- Christianity Today

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