Reel Movie Reviews: Sex and the City: The Movie

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Reel Movie Reviews: Sex and the City: The Movie

There's little doubt you can pencil in Sex and the City: The Movie at the top of the box office rankings for next week. But does this mean the film is actually any good?

While many viewers may not even care - they'll be more focused on Carrie and company's fashion choices - we asked a handful of critics for their take on this anticipated remake...

- Will give female audiences a jolt of excitement in the same way that seeing Indiana Jones back in action will thrill male audiences this summer... -- Boxoffice Magazine

- For a series so steeped in romance, the eagerly awaited Sex and the City movie feels a trifle half-hearted... -- Variety

The Fab Four

- Yes, it's good to see the Fab Four together again. You just wish they were in a funnier and wittier film than this indulgent and essentially middlebrow saga that feels like six TV episodes glued together, with a running time of two and a half hours... -- Emanuel Levy

- One thing's for sure: fans of the series will lap this film up... -- The Daily Telegraph

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Sex and the City: The Movie Quotes

I will love you forever, Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

Mr. Big

Don't give me a diamond, just give me a big closet.

Carrie Bradshaw