Reel Movie Reviews: The Foot Fist Way

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Reel Movie Reviews: The Foot Fist Way
You may know about Iron Man, Indiana Jones and Hancock, but a small comedy is earning its own wave of rave reviews this summer.

For those that haven't heard of The Foot Fist Way, check out the following remarks by film critics. And leave a couple hours free on your schedule next month for it...

- Stays doggedly true to its idiosyncratic off-kilter vibe... -- Slant Magazine

- The film's funniest moment caught me at a loss of breath, and at its best has other moments providing extended laughs, if not of the breathtaking variety... -- eFilmCritic

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- This is a really small film, shot in 19 days, and it's a little rough around the edges, but it's got a huge comic heart that's undeniable... -- Film Threat

- For a low budget, independent comedy made in 19 days, "The Foot Fist Way" is a clever and surprisingly satisfying effort from first-time director and co-writer Jody Hill... -- Cole Smithey

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