Saw V Director is Trapped

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Saw V director David Hackl recently spoke with MovieWeb about the next installment of this franchise. It's due in theaters on October 24.

Who actually does the designs for these traps?
Well, the past couple of years it was me for Saw II and Saw III and Tony Ianni, who was my art director, has now taken over as production designer. It's really a combination of people and it starts with the writers, myself and Darren (Lynn Bousman) working together to come up with the idea. We'll do sketches of things and see what's going to work.

Saw V Director is Trapped

These traps have so many criterias around them, so many things that they have to do. They have to look dangerous as hell but they have to be as safe as possible. They have to look like they can kill you but they can't really kill you. It's really difficult when you start to think of a trap.

So, how do you really do something where you run spikes through people and it goes through his wife on the other side, and make it look like it's going to work? There are so many elements to it. It is a group effort all the way along. Jason Ehl, our trap builder, is the real engineer.

He does the machine work, actually in his workshop. He's the mad scientist. He's got the computerized milling machines that cut out the perfect gear sizes, the perfect blades, the pistons and the servos that make these things work.

He's the guy that puts them together. He's the guy that's really working the long long long hours. He literally will work straight through, the whole time. When he's not in his shop, he's on the set making it happen. It all starts, really, in the art department as well with myself and Tony Ianni, Jason and myself all sitting around doing little sketches.

So how detailed are the scripts about these traps?
In the past, quite honestly, we'd get a script and it says something along the lines of, '... and then you see the most deadly Jigsaw trap ever' (Laughs). It's always a situation where, coming up to the shoot, there's always that one trap that hangs out there until the last minute. This was no different.

There was one trap that didn't get developed until, literally, the week before we shot. We'd been thinking about ideas, throwing ideas together, but it was just the week before. It's always been like that. We try to get as much lead time, so Jason has has much time as possible to build them, but at a certain point, our pre-production period is really...

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