Shia LaBeouf Speaks on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Character

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Shia LaBeouf recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a discussion about his character in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Mutt Williams.

Here are highlights from the interview:

Entertainment Weekly: What was it like meeting Harrison Ford?
Shia LaBeouf: He's the John Wayne of my generation, for sure. He's the quintessential movie star. And the fact that he doesn't really care is beautiful.

Mutt Williams Picture

Your Crystal Skull character, Mutt, is pretty handy with blades and swords.
Steven and George wanted the character to have a switchblade. The thing became like a third arm. The floors are now disgusting in my house because there's all these knife gouges in the floor from me throwing the knife. I was on the Transformers press tour while I was getting my knives ready. So I'd take this knife with me to Italy and to Germany, and I'm trying to stash this switchblade in different places in my luggage so I don't get in trouble.

I've read and heard that you watched a lot of old movies â€" The Wild One, Blackboard Jungle, Rebel Without a Cause â€" to get ready to play Mutt.
I also remember Steven telling me to watch Red River, watch Montgomery Clift, and his cadence and his mannerisms and the way he dealt with John Wayne. That was my homework. George, of course, made American Graffiti and knows all about the demimonde of the ''greaser.''

George has the most disgusting comb. It's full of the most nasty crud. He's probably had this comb for 40 years. There's a certain bend in the comb 'cause he keeps the comb in his back pocket, like every greaser did. The pants were so high in the '50s, that you'd have a bend in your comb from sitting on it. And George would say, I wanna make sure that Mutt's comb is bent.

Otherwise it's not accurate. It looks like a brand-new comb and not Mutt's comb. And make sure there's a bunch of white specks in it. Make sure you've got scalp in that comb.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Quotes

Indiana Jones: You're not from around here, are you?
Agent Irina Spalko: And 'vere' do you think I am from?
Indiana Jones: Well, judging by the way you're sinking your teeth into those 'wubble-yous', I'd say Eastern Ukraine.

Mutt Williams: You're a teacher?
Indiana Jones: Part time.