A Hancock Photo Montage

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With the release date of Hancock creeping ever closer (July 2!), we figured it was time to release a photo tribute to that super hero.

After all, we've seen him in action and don't wanna get on Hancock's bad side.

Click on any of the thumbnails below now for a larger picture...

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Hancock Quotes

Ray Embrey: People don't like you, Hancock.
Hancock: Do I look like I care what people think?

Boy at Bus Stop: [taps a sleeping Hancock] Hancock!
[hits him to wake up]
Boy at Bus Stop: Hancock!
Hancock: What, boy?
Boy at Bus Stop: [points to TV screens] Bad guys.
Hancock: What, you want a cookie? Get the hell out my face.
Boy at Bus Stop: Jackass.
Hancock: What?
Boy at Bus Stop: You heard me.