A Series of Transformers 2 Spoilers

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Earlier today, we revealed one significant Transformers 2 spoiler: the movie's title.

Now, thanks to Slash Film, here are a series of Transformers 2 plot spoilers...

A Series of Transformers 2 Spoilers
  • The opening of the movie takes place at a Steel Factory in Shanghai, China, where the Autobots, the British SAS (Matthew Marsden as "Graham" and Andrew Howard) and Captain Lennox's Military team are chasing after a Decepticon Audi RS8.
  • The autobots include a pair of robots called The Twins, which join together to form an Ice Cream Truck; and a hot pink ninja style motorcycle with black highlights that turns into Arcee.
  • Sam uses something called the "Splinter" to activate the SR-71, which transforms into Jetfire. Jetfire, it's presume, is a Blackbird spy plane, pictured here.
  • The involvement of a Constructicon Earth Mover pretty much confirms the rumor that the Constructicons and Devastator might appear in the film. Awesome.

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