Director Already Excited for The Incredible Hulk Sequel

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Director Louis Leterrier doesn't need to wait to see the box office tally of The Incredible Hulk before commenting on whether or not he'd be on board to make a sequel.

"I'll do another 'Hulk' movie any day of the week. I love it! I love the character, I love the TV show. I love that he's an anti-hero," Leterrier told at the film's premiere.

Considering the "great story and great cast," Leterrier made it pretty clear who would enjoy this superhero flick: If you like movies, you'll like The Incredible Hulk, he said.

Bruce Banner Picture

Edward Norton is Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

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The Incredible Hulk Quotes

Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: [speaking to Blonsky in his hospital bed] How are you feeling?
Emil Blonsky: Pissed off, and ready for round three.

As far as I'm concerned that man's whole body is property of the US Army.

Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross