Dwayne Johnson: The Tooth Fairy Has It All

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From WWE champion to Tooth Fairy.

No one can say Dwayne Johnson has taken a typical career path.

But the former wrestler has officially distanced himself from the moniker "The Rock" and has, to the surprise of many, established himself as a family-film oriented star.

Never will this be more evident than when Johnson stars as the Tooth Fairy in a movie set for a 2009 release. He was recently asked by MTV what fans should expect from it.

"Everything you can possibly imagine," the actor said of what we can expect from a comedy that casts the former WWE World Champion as an ordinary man who gets recruited to save the kingdom of dental-dependent flying fairies everywhere. "And then some!"

"If you could imagine what would be the most funniest thing you can think of, then that is was this is," the Get Smart said confidently of the upcoming movie. "We have [me being depicted] from tiny, to large, to a really messed-up wing that makes me fly into the walls.

"We've got it all."

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