Jason Bateman Hypes Hancock, Confirms Arrested Development Movie

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Since Arrested Development ended, Jason Bateman has slowly built a film resume of solid supporting roles. He was the perfect slacker of a husband in Juno, for example.

Now, Bateman is set to star in the summer blockbuster Hancock. He recently discussed his part - as a do-gooding PR man who tries to rehab a superhero's image - with the Times of London.

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"My character sees life through rose-coloured glasses, so he doesn't understand how people can't see the positive side of Hancock," Bateman said. "I like being the everyman. I like being the tour guide, the one who tethers whatever absurdity might be in a film and helps make that tangible to the audience."

Bateman is well aware that he isn't the main draw of Hancock, of course, referring to it as "[Will Smith's] world" and saying he's lucky to spend time in it.

Meanwhile, Bateman also confirmed the plans for an Arrested Development movie next year.

The actor said he was excited to showcase the Bluth family on the big screen.

"When it was on TV, if you missed one word the whole third act could be blown for you. And TV is a different experience. You come home and you've got to finish a call so you miss the first ten minutes or you get snacky and you go to the fridge and you miss another two minutes, so it's a different experience to film."

Needless to say, we absolutely cannot wait for an Arrested Development movie.

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