Liv Tyler Talks About The Incredible Hulk

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Liv Tyler plays Betsy Ross in this summer's The Incredible Hulk. She recently spoke to SuperHeroHype about the film.

The actress didn't have a lot to reveal about what to expect from the relationship between her character and Ed Norton's Bruce Banner - but she did watch Ang Lee's The Hulk in order to check out how Jennifer Connelly played the Betsy Ross.

But that's not to say that the new movie will be too similar its predecessor.

"There's nothing similar about the story or even really the characters in a lot of ways," Tyler said. "I mostly went back and watched the television show, which was one of my favorite things my mom and I used to watch all the time.

I would say that the essence of that image of the lone figure of [David] Bruce Banner walking down the street alone with his little backpack hitchhiking, the misunderstood hero having to move onto another town was more of the overall feeling for the film but the story is completely different."

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13.

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