Matt Damon is Part of The Human Factor

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According to Variety, Matt Damon will star alongside Morgan Freeman in The Human Factor, the Clint Eastwood-directed movie about the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

The Good Will Hunting star will portray rugby South African team captain Francois Pienaar, who along with former South African president Nelson Mandela (Freeman) created an event that gave the country's whites and blacks a common cause to rally around as the country healed from years of apartheid.

Shooting on The Human Factor is scheduled to start in early 2009.

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon Picture

Matt Damon is one of our favorite actors. He's the star of Good Will Hunting, all the Jason Bourne movies and so many more films, of course. The star is also easy to admire because he stays out of the tabloids and seems like a great family man.

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