New on DVD: Be Kind Rewind, Fool's Gold, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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A trio of unfunny movies were released on DVD today. None were close to being hits in the theaters, but maybe they'll have better luck in the rental world.

Here's a rundown of all three films…

Be Kind Rewind
Stars: Jack Black
Why you should rent it: Because it saves you money, combining one new film with memories and scenes from old ones.

Fool's Gold
Stars: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey
Why you should rent it: Does plot even matter when McConaughey wears a shirt so infrequently in the film?

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
Stars: Martin Lawrence
Why you should rent it: Because watching something so unfunny will make you feel like a funnier person the next time you tell a joke. Any joke.

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