Opening This Week: Wanted, WALL•E

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You want action? This weekend has action!

You want an adorable family film? This weekend has an adorable family film!

Here's a closer look at the pair of huge new movies set to hit theaters…

Stars: James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie
Quick synopsis: A supposedly average citizen is recruited by a fraternity of assassins.
Prediction: The presence of Jolie, combined with rave reviews, have the movie set for a huge opening. Won't be able to eclipse the family appeal of the following, kid-friendly flick, however.

Stars: The brains behind Pixar
Quick synopsis: WALL•E is the last entity on earth... until he meets his one true love.
Prediction: Every single adult will see Wanted. Every adult with kids will see WALL•E. Youth wins out. WALL•E is number-one at the box office.

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