Reel Movie Reviews: Get Smart

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Reel Movie Reviews: Get Smart
As an adaption of a sitcom that a majority of its target audience was not alive for, Get Smart faces a challenge. Basically, it better be damn funny in order to attract viewers.

Does the Steve Carell vehicle succeed in this mission? Let's see what a handful of critics have to say about it...

- Although its chemistry never gels, Get Smart pulls off a sufficient number of goofy action set pieces to earn its entertainment value... -- Cole Smithey

- A lot of the comedy seems to have been lost in the translation... -- Variety

Getting Smart

- This is a slap-dash effort whose producers threw money and stunts onscreen instead of the satirical gags and one-liners that made the old spy spoof so memorable... -- Hollywood Reporter

- In this distressingly generic spy spoof, it's not Maxwell who's clueless, but the filmmakers... -- Newsweek

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Get Smart Quotes

Maxwell Smart: [after he gets recruited as a new agent] I request a cone of silence.
Maxwell Smart: [he doesn't press the button hard enough so everyone can hear him] Oh, I'm so happy! I'm so happy! This is the best day of my life!
Lloyd: Dude, you didn't press the button hard enough...
Maxwell Smart: Right.

Siegfried: How do I know you're not from CONTROL?
Maxwell Smart: If I were from CONTROL, you'd already be dead.
Siegfried: If you were from CONTROL, YOU'D already be dead.
Maxwell Smart: Neither of us is dead, so I'm obviously not from CONTROL.
[long pause]
Shtarker: That actually makes sense.