Reel Movie Reviews: Hancock

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Reel Movie Reviews: Hancock
It's coming up on July 4. Therefore, it's almost time for Will Smith's latest action blockbuster.

How does Hancock compare to past Smith hits, such as Men in Black and Independence Day? Here's the reaction to it by various movie critics...

- Sadly, the bar is set too high and the movie implodes under the weight of its own ambitions... -- The Times UK

- Hancock comes around by the movie's end as one would expect, but the depth to which this hero sinks beforehand is occasionally startling and pretty great... -- ReelzChannel

A Questionable Hero

- This misguided attempt to wring a novel twist on the superhero genre has a certain whiff of The Last Action Hero about it... -- Variety

- Superficially a blockbuster, but for those who like to read into a film a sly allegory about what America is today - and how it is seen by others... -- Kyle Smith

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Hancock Quotes

Ray Embrey: People don't like you, Hancock.
Hancock: Do I look like I care what people think?

Boy at Bus Stop: [taps a sleeping Hancock] Hancock!
[hits him to wake up]
Boy at Bus Stop: Hancock!
Hancock: What, boy?
Boy at Bus Stop: [points to TV screens] Bad guys.
Hancock: What, you want a cookie? Get the hell out my face.
Boy at Bus Stop: Jackass.
Hancock: What?
Boy at Bus Stop: You heard me.