Reel Movie Reviews: The Happening

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Reel Movie Reviews: The Happening
In case you haven't seen any previews for The Happening, this is M. Night Shyamalan's first-ever R-rated movie. But does that mean it's actually worth your time and money.

Let's see what various film critics have to say about that...

- The movie seems more like a '50s science fiction film of extreme paranoia or an episode of "The Twilight Zone" that even at a swiftly paced 90 minutes feels padded... -- Hollywood Reporter

- The movie demonstrates a smart movie geek's obsession with the rhythms and gory details of horror storytelling, undermined by a pompous insistence on spiritual lessons of the tritest kind... -- Entertainment Weekly

The Happening Scene

- Sadly for Mr. Shyamalan, the ideas that have been coming to him since his brilliant first hit, The Sixth Sense, are progressively worthy of less merit and more deserving of ridicule... -- Urban Cinefile

- It's a shame that the movie is such a tonal failure, because it does many other things right... -- Las Vegas Weekly

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The Happening Quotes

Train Conductor: The train service has been discountinued. This will be the last stop for all passengers.
Elliot Moore: Hey, what do you mean? Where are we?
Train Conductor: Filbert, Pennsylvania.
Elliot Moore: Filbert? Does anybody know where that is? Why are you giving me one useless piece of information at a time? What's going on? Hey, why would you just stop? You can't just leave us here!
Train Conductor: Sir, we lost contact.
Elliot Moore: With whom?
Train Conductor: Everyone.

[as they are abandoned] Can you believe how crappy people are?

Alma Moore