Ron Perlman Speaks on Hellboy II

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Veteran actor Ron Perlman has seen his career resuscitated thanks to the role of Hellboy. On July 11, he'll star in the sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

In an effort to shed insight on his career and this character, Perlman recently sat down with to answer a few questions:

Can you talk about your relationship with director Guillermo del Toro, how you first met and how it's evolved?
Ron Perlman: It's something I don't want to overstate because it's a gift from God. I mean, I regard this as some otherworldly, amazing stroke of good fortune, and if I talk about it too much or belabor it too much, I feel like I'm in danger of making it go away.

The minute we met, we knew that however many movies we did or didn't do together, we dug each other, and without the benefit of bloodlines, we were going to be like brothers. Whether we are working together or not, there's this wonderful friendship that's the dearest part of the whole thing to me. If you can believe there's something more dear than getting to play Hellboy in two movies.

Ron Perlman is ready to unleash Hell - in a good way - in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Most people who see this movie will presumably have seen the first movie, but some people won't have. What would you like them to leave this movie with as far as Hellboy's character arc?
Perlman: Well, first and foremost, I just hope they have the time of their life watching the movie, because whatever else it is, it's meant to entertain and meant to have somebody be someplace for two hours and not think about the rest of the sh*t that we live in, of which sometimes there's even too much to process.

But you get so much more in any Guillermo del Toro movie and I could stand here for two hours just addressing the other levels that are being harkened too along the way. Mostly, I'd like people to say, "Man, I really, really liked the first movie but the second one rocks!" That's what I like.

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