Sienna Miller: Excited for Nottingham

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Sienna Miller will play Maid Marian - alongside Russell Crowe's Sheriff of Nottingham - in an upcoming, movie about Robin Hood that flips the tale's typical script; Ridley Scott will direct.

"I just found out," Miller told the BBC. "It's the most exciting news in the world."

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In Nottingham, the usually villainous sheriff will be portrayed as heroic, while Robin Hood â€" traditionally known for nobly stealing from the rich to give to the poor, of course â€" is the antagonist.

As for her role â€" in the past, Robin always had a thing for Marian â€" Miller said she "could not have a better part," while teaming with Crowe and Scott is "as good as it gets."

Miller is currently shooting the G.I. Joe movie.

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Sienna Miller

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Although born in New York City, Sienna Miller was raised in London. Miller initially started her career as a model, modeling for such big names as Coca-Cola, Vogue, and Prada. Miller's big breakthrough perforamnce as an actress was in the 2004 Alfie starring Jude Law. Since then, Miller has had a nice filmography including Casanova, Factory Girl, and Stardust. Miller is also currently set to be in several movies in 2008 and 2009, including the highly anticipated G.I. Joe movie.

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