Terminator Sequel, Trailer News

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No, we don't have the trailer for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins yet.

But we do have news on when fans might expect to see this movie's preview: rumors circulating around the Internet indicate that the trailer for this Christian Bale follow-up will hit theaters the same day as Bale's next film: The Dark Knight.

As if we needed another reason to go see that flick!

Terminator Sequel, Trailer News

Based on posters such as this - which have been spotted around New York City - the next Terminator movie will be released around Memorial Day, 2009.

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Terminator Salvation Quotes

Come with me if you want to live.

Kyle Reese

I knew it. I knew it was coming. But this is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. This is John Connor.

John Connor