The Wackness News: Ben Kingsley Kisses, Tells

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Ben Kingsley is 64 and an Oscar winner.

Mary-Kate Olsen is 22 and really thin.

Still, the veteran actor recently told People Magazine that the former Full House star was "completely in charge" of the on-screen smooch between this odd coupling in The Wackness.

Union, Dr. Squires

Writer/director of The Wackness, Jonathan Levine, said that although he was never a drug dealer, the movie is loosely based on his own experiences growing up in New York.

Even with this all-star cast, Levine still passed along a few valuable lessons. Most notably?

"I did have to teach Sir Ben how to take a bong hit," Levine said.

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The Wackness Quotes

Stephanie: [to Luke, at the Fire Island beach:] I see the dopeness in everything, and you just see the wackness.

Stephanie: You're a virgin?
Luke Shapiro: No. Naw. I just haven't officially had sex yet.