Verne Troyer Talks on The Love Guru

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Verne Troyer, better known as "Mini-Me" from the Austin Powers franchise, appears alongside Mike Myers again in The Love Guru.

The diminutive actor recently sat down with MoviesOnline to discuss the role:

MoviesOnline: You must have a fantastic relationship with Mike Myers?
Verne Troyer: Yeah. I guess so. It's fun to do the films that he asks me to do. If Mike Myers calls and asks you to do a film, you're going to say yes.

A Small Role

Verne Troyer in The Love Guru.

MoviesOnline: There were a lot more of the little jokes in this particular movie. Were you a little bit worried about how much they were making fun of your size?
Verne Troyer: No. It's a movie. It's comedy. Entertainment. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. It doesn't bother me. If that were to happen in the outside world, depending on the tone or how they said it, it might offend me a little bit. But, like I say, it's a movie and it's there to entertain people.

MoviesOnline: You get to talk in this one. As Mini-Me, you didn't. Were you really happy when you read the script? Did you go "Ooooh, dialogue!"?
Verne Troyer: Yeah, I was. It wasn't like I hadn't done anything with speaking lines before. I have. I've done a bunch. Just being in this big movie, everybody is going to see that he can actually speak.

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