Warwick Davis Speaks on Willow 2 Possibility

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Hey, John McClane did it after 12 years.

Indiana Jones took 19.

So what's to stop Willow from making a long-delayed sequel?

If this follow-up never happens, it won't be for lack of desire on the part of Warwick Davis; the actor told MTV News he'd love to come back for another Willow.

"I would definitely greenlight a Willow sequel. So many people ask me about that. Every day people want to see another movie," he said. "I'd be very excited for it, because I was 17 when I did that movie and to go back and have another chance at the character now. I've learned so much more, it'd be great."

Warwick Davis Speaks on Willow 2 Possibility

How excited would we be for Willow 2? Answer: very!

Davis added that he already has an idea about where he'd like to see the sequel go.

"I would like, perhaps, [to see] my kids grown up. I'd like to meet up again with Madmartigan [Val Kilmer], see how he's getting on. See how everything might have gone wrong with the princess who's grown up, see how her life turned out," Davis said.

"But I think [most of all] plenty more action! Now they have CG. Imagine what we could do with special effects now compared to 20 years ago!"

In other, possible sequel news: how awesome would Anchorman 2 be?!?

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