Aaron Eckhart: One Interview, Two Faces

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It's safe to say movie goers can't get enough news from the cast of The Dark Knight.

With that said, here's another interview with Aaron Eckhart. The actor that plays Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the film recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal. Here are highlights:

WSJ: When you're acting in a comic-book movie opposite a guy wearing a caped costume, is it hard to resist going over the top?
Eckhart: I took a day or two to look around and see what everyone else was up to. Sometimes you're not sure what the tone of the movie is, especially if you have to be acting with the Batman or the Joker. Heath really set the tone of the film and how dark it was. Still, there were a lot of questions. How big do I go? Do we play it for laughs?

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WSJ: Even if Heath Ledger hadn't died, people would be talking about his performance. What signs did you see that something special was coming from him?
Eckhart: I saw it the first time he started reading. Heath had gone to the wall to be in the picture. We'd have to do makeup at the same time, and he would really use that time to get into the character and do the voices. Everyone was aware of what Heath was doing. When Gary Oldman is paying attention, you know that something special is happening.

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