Christian Bale is Twice the Icon

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Christian Bale certainly doesn't shy away from iconic roles.

The intense actor is donning the cape of Batman for the second time in this summer's The Dark Knight. Here's a shot of him from the blockbuster:

Batman Photo

But Bale isn't finishing stepping into the shoes (or, in the case above, finely crafted suit) of famous movie roles. He'll next take on the part of John Connor in Terminator Salvation. Here's a look at him from that 2009 film:

John Connor Picture

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Christian Bale

Christian Bale Pic

Serious actor makes for one helluva a Batman. Christian Bale combined intensity and dashing looks to epitomize a movie star. Bale has starred in American Psycho, Batman Begins and, down the line, the Terminator reboot.


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