Ian McKellen Yearns for Magneto Movie

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Ian McKellen will revisit the role of Gandalf in The Hobbit.

But the veteran actor is most excited to discuss a part he's not guaranteed to ever play ever again. McKellen wants to reprise Magneto, even if it's only a small part.

"There is a script knocking around for a spinoff, but it will be a younger Magneto, so if I were involved it would be just topping and tailing the story," the actor told BBC News.

If a Magneto film does go forward, it would be e the second spinoff featuring an X-Men character. As many movie fans know - and are excited for - Hugh Jackman is already been hard at work on a Wolverine movie. It's coming out in May 2009.

McKellen, meanwhile, said Marvel Comics sees the character of Magneto – a Holocaust survivor who leads an army of oppressed, super-powered mutants – as someone almost anyone can relate to.

"Marvel told me that this is their favorite because it has a social purpose and the strongest demographic are young blacks, Jews and gays who respond to the idea that society does treat some adults as mutants," the actor noted.

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