Movie Quotes from Superhero Movie, Hancock and More

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First, meanwhile, we offer a sampling of the latest film utterances to be added to our site…

Uncle Albert: With great power comes... ow!
Rick Riker: Great responsibility? Try to breathe!
Uncle Albert: I can't. You're kneeling on my balls! -- Superhero Movie

Pissed Off Fat Guy: You know? Somebody should sue you!
Hancock: You know what? You should sue McDonalds, cuz they fucked you up! -- Hancock

The Joker: Where is Harvey Dent!? I'll settle for his love ones... -- The Dark Knight

Stephanie: You're a virgin?
Luke Shapiro: No. Naw. I just haven't officially had sex yet. -- The Wackness

Sophie: I've invited my dad to my wedding.
Ali: You found him!?
Sophie: Well not exactly. -- Mamma Mia!

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