Opening This Weeekend: Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Meet Dave

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We hope Hancock enjoyed his perch atop the movie world, a certain, Hellish super hero has him in his sights this weekend.

Here's a brief rundown of that super hero flick, along with two, less-hyped movies:

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Stars: Selma Blair, Ron Perlman
Quick synopsis: The follow-up to Hellboy finds this unusual hero and his golden army fighting off creatures that wish to destroy humanity.
Prediction: With the aforementioned Will Smith movie receiving tepid reviews, what the heck: Hellboy finishes first at the box office!

Hellboy Photo
Liz Sherman Photo

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Stars: Brendan Fraser
Quick synopsis: In this 3D film, a professor and his family take a journey to, well, check out the movie's title.
Prediction: It's in 3D, that's cool. But it's up against competition for kids and parents in WALL•E that's just too stiff. Will be lucky to crack the top five at the box office.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Photo
Trevor Anderson Picture
Journey to the Center of the Earth Pic

Meet Dave
Stars: Eddie Murphy
Quick synopsis: Dave is really a spaceship that takes human form and falls in love with an actual human being.
Prediction: Meet the end of Eddie Murphy's career as a leading man.

Meet Dave Movie Poster
Captain Dave

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