Screenwriter Teases New Batman Villain, The Dark Knight Follow-Up

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Let It Burn

Screenwriter David Goyer told MTV over the weekend that he has an idea of what Batman 3 (can we call it that? Perhaps we should leave it as just a follow-up to The Dark Knight?) will be about.

He admits, however, that the prospects for the film are daunting, especially considering the rave reviews the last two have received.

“I think that’s the scariest thing – to think, could we come up with a third movie that was as good as the first two? Can we top ourselves?” Goyer asked aloud. “Doing it a third time would be a big proposition.”

Don't be fooled, of course: there will be another Batman movie.

Goyer even mentioned that he has a villian in mind for it, but: “I do think, though, that if there’s not a third film – these two movies stand on their own... I think it could go either way.”

Again, just to reiterate: there will be a third film. Have no fear.

When the second one sets a box office record, that's pretty much a no-brainer.

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