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Watchmen is far from kid-safe comic-book film.

The 2009 thrilled is an R-rated, $100 million adaptation of what many consider to be the smartest, most subversive superhero story ever created.

Published by DC Comics in 1986 and typically hailed by mainstream critics as a literary masterpiece, Watchmen can be described as: a jittery expression of Cold War anxiety, a chilling meditation on human nature and an intricate murder mystery.

If that's not enough to get you excited, listen to what director Zack Snyder said about the movie to Entertainment Weekly:

''In my movie, Superman doesn't care about humanity, Batman can't get it up, and the bad guy wants world peace. Will Watchmen be the end of superhero movies? Probably not. But it sure will kick them in the gut.''

Here are a few photos from the wildly anticipated flick...

The Comedian Photo

"Some of the things this guy does, you can't make excuses for, even as an actor,'' says Jeffrey Dean Morgan of his character, The Comedian. ''Your instinct is to just play the guy as a bastard, but you can't.''

Follow the jump on this article now to see more photos and read another intriguing quote from Snyder...

Sally Jupiter

Carla Gugino's Sally Jupiter is confronted by The Comedian in Watchmen.

Nite Owl Picture

Patrick Wilson's Nite Owl makes his way through a prison in Watchmen.

In closing, Snyder says of his movie:

Watchmen gives fans ''a chance to support something that I think legitimizes the superhero-movie genre for everyone who says superhero movies are stupid, popcorn bulls---."

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The world will look up and shout "Save us!"... And I'll whisper "No."


No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.


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