Comic Book Experts Weigh in on Possible Batman Villains

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Want more speculation on who the next Batman villain might be in the inevitable follow-up to The Dark Knight?

A trio of comic book experts have weighed in with their opinions. To wit:

David Goyer (Batman Begins co-writer): "There's no reason why we necessarily have to use the same three or four that are still around. I mean, Batman's got a wide variety, [a] rogues' gallery. Certainly we used two in the first movie that hadn't been in the films before."

Dan DiDio (DC Comics Executive Editor): "Characters like Catwoman, Riddler, and Hugo Strange make sense, because they're counterpoints to Batman's psychosis and fears. The Joker creates chaos. Two-Face shows the duality of the Batman-Bruce Wayne relationship, and how Batman's found peace with that duality. Batman searches for answers, and the Riddler has questions. Batman is driven, and Catwoman is sexual. They play well against each other and challenge aspects of what makes a hero."

Steve Niles (30 Days of Night creator): "I'd like to see Catwoman over the Penguin. Not as a prostitute, and not as the Tim Burton version — what, cats sniffed her back to life? — but perhaps the Adam Hughes design, with the goggles. That's very realistic. I can imagine her in street clothes that are designed just right. I also like the idea of them creating villains just for the movies."

Here... We... Go!

Whoever is the next Batman villain, he or she will have a difficult role to follow.

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