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The sharp minds that brought up Date Movie and Scary Movie are back with Disaster Movie.

While the movie may lack humor - seriously, check out these Disaster Movie quotes - it does score points for efficiency. The so-called comedy manages to spoof films that were released less than two months ago. That's some turn around!

Click on the following images from the flick now to get an idea of what other films it mocks...

Mocking Juno
Batman is Enchanted
Hancock Spoof
Disaster Movie Mockery
Indiana Jones Spoof
Enchanted Spoof

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Disaster Movie Quotes

I am Iron Man.
[cow falls on him]

Iron Man

What is this enchanting place?
[gets hit by a taxi]


Disaster Movie Review

It's not enough to say that Disaster Movie is unoriginal. After all, the entire premise of this so-called comedy is to spoof movies that...

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