Hamlet 2 Creators Explain Casting Process

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The premise for Hamlet 2 is one only writers that penned politically-incorrect films such as Dick and Team America: World Police could come up with.

Enter Andrew Fleming and Pam Brady.

They came up with the idea of Dana Marschz, a beleaguered high school drama teacher whose drama class is about to get shut down unless he can come up with a stage production that justifies its existence. The solution? A sequel to Hamlet, of course.

Below are excerpts of an interview Flemning and Brady gave to ComingSoon.net:

When you decided to make the movie, which came first, the idea of a Hamlet 2 or the character of Dana Marshz?

Fleming: The character. We kind of reverse-engineered the movie from the character. I don't know why. We were just talking and we knew we wanted a teacher, and we loved drama teacher right away, and we both loved that kind of super-enthusiastic character who wakes up and every day is a creative opportunity even in the face of no positive feedback.
Brady: It's true. He has no reason to keep going, but then he lives by a code... I always think those characters are great, it's almost like "A Confederacy of Dunces" kind of delusional character that just can't be stopped.

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Steve Coogan stars in Hamlet 2.

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