Judd Apatow Dishes on Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express has scarcely been released across the country, but it's safe to Judd Apatow has another hit on his hands.

The writer talked about his latest project in a recent interview. Here are excerpts:

What were the actors actually smoking in the movie?
Well they smoked this thing the prop people had, I’m sure it was made of pure asbestos or something even worse for your lungs than actual marijuana. But I really don’t know. I did not smoke it and I didn’t show any care of how bad it taste or how damaging it was to the actors.

Do you think this will be James Franco's breakout comedy role?
I think so. He’s such a warm funny guy in person and he’s made a lot of choices which put him in deadly serious movies, but there’s this other side to him you see in Pineapple Express. He’s a very inspired comedic mind. He holds his own with the best comedians of this generation with ease. What I love about it is he makes you believe that this guy actually exists. Right now in an apartment in LA somewhere, you feel that guy is watching “227.”

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