Kim Kardashian Dishes on Disaster Movie

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Kim Kardashian is known for having giant breasts and for starring in a sex tape with Ray J.

But now the socialite is trying to build a movie career. She stars in this weekend's Disaster movie and talked about it with TV Guide: In Disaster Movie, what's the "clothes line" plot on which all the spoofs and gags are hung?
Kardashian: Basically, it's about a group of friends trying to get out of New York city because all these natural disasters are happening. Along the way, we spoof everything.

Disaster Movie Photo And what does "everything" include?
Kardashian: All of the superhero movies – Iron Man, Batman and The Hulk — Sex and the City, Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo.... We do everything. Indiana Jones, High School Musical.... Do you have a favorite moment or sight gag?
Kardashian: The funniest part of the movie, I have to say, is Amy Winehouse. That character is hysterical. My favorite part of filming was when Carmen [Electra] and I spoof the WWE Divas, and we do a whole wrestling scene. We had to learn all these choreographed moves, so it looked way crazier than what it was. We had stunt doubles to help us with the super-crazy stuff, but it was insane.

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Disaster Movie Quotes

I am Iron Man.
[cow falls on him]

Iron Man

What is this enchanting place?
[gets hit by a taxi]


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