Opening This Weeekend: Death Race, The House Bunny, The Rocker

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A trio of new movies come out this weekend. None will set the box office on fire, but each could be entertaining in its own way.

Here's a closer look...

Death Race
Stars: Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson
Quick synopsis: A race car driver is framed for murder in order to participate in the most dangerous reality show ever.
Prediction: Jason Statham has a built-in, loyal fan base. Will crack the top five.

Jensen at the Wheel
Natalie Martinez in Death Race
A Death Race

The House Bunny
Stars: Anna Faris
Quick synopsis: An exiled Playboy Bunny befriends a group of loser sorority girls.
Prediction: Hugh Hefner will have sex with more women the night this movie opens than millions of dollars it will make that evening.

Shelley Darlingson Pic
The House Bunny Movie Poster
The House Bunny Cast

The Rocker
Stars: Rainn Wilson
Quick synopsis: A former rock star cannot leave his past behind him.
Prediction: We love Wilson on The Office, but this movie seems more cliched than comedic.

The Rocker Movie Poster
Robert Fishman Picture
Robert Fishman Photo

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