Opening This Weeekend: Disaster Movie, College, Traitor

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Three new movies were released this week, two of which look like horrific comedies and the other of which focuses on terrorism. Sounds like fun all around!

Here's a closer look at the trio...

Disaster Movie
Stars: Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian
Quick synopsis: Yet another movie that spoofs other, much better movies.
Prediction: Electra and Kardashian - combined with low-minded humor - will result in a decent box office showing. Guys like boobs and not thinking.

Mocking Juno
Batman is Enchanted
Indiana Jones Spoof

Stars: Drake Bell
Quick synopsis: Three high school seniors visit college for a crazy weekend.
Prediction: A worse reaction from movie goers than the one most freshmen experience after their first night out after nine shots of tequila.

College Pic
A College Try
Kevin Brewer Picture

Stars: Don Cheadle
Quick synopsis: A U.S. Special Operations officer is at the center of a conspiracy.
Prediction: We love Cheadle, but the topic just seems too sensitive these days for the movie to make any dent at the box office.

Samir Horn Picture
Samir Horn Photo
Traitor Photo

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