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Give Death Race credit for one thing: it's title says it all. There's no mistaking what you're in for when you buy a ticket to this Jason Statham movie.

According to an assortment of movie critics, though, that's where the good news concerning this film ends. Check out their negative views on it now...

- Bravely takes on that philosophical quandary every one of us must face: What to do when a ninja breaks into your home, frames you for the murder of your wife and taunts you with a finger-gun motion? -- Arizona Daily Star

- Loud, vulgar and stupid, but what's most amazing is that despite all the bedlam, it will probably either bore you to tears or send you into gales of unintended laughter... -- One Guy's Opinion

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- A serviceable, forgettable genre film marked by leaden performances, even more leaden dialogue, a few sterlingly gruesome images, and a supremely campy performance from Joan Allen... -- Slant Magazine

- Paul W.S. Anderson may have a lot of flaws as a filmmaker, but the man knows cheap thrills, and he delivers them here... -- Cinema Blend

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Death Race Quotes

[climbing out his wreck] Can't kill me. You can burn me. You can shoot me. But you can't kill me.


Jensen: So what about the other drivers?
Machine-Gun Joe: It's kill or be killed.
Jensen: I can see the appeal.

Death Race Review

Before I get tons of reader mail for daring to give Death Race four gummi bears, an important note: We rate and review movies based on...

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