Reel Movie Reviews: Hamlet 2

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Unless Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express have exhausted movie goers of all their laughter, Hamlet 2 ought to be a modest hit.

The film stars Steve Coogan and, according to reports, Elizabeth Shue in a hilarious cameo. Here's how various film critics have reacted to the comedy...

- Hamlet 2 belongs firmly to Steve Coogan, which is fortunate since none of the film's supporting players prove to be the least bit memorable... -- Slant Magazine

- Hamlet 2 is never boring, and it certainly contains some of the heartiest laughs you'll have at the movies this summer, but it lacks a sense of engagement that would have made it so much better... -- MSNBC

Hamlet 2 Characters

- Hit-and-miss in terms of verbal wit and individual gags. But package moves along quickly, and overall concept remains amusing even when there’s a dud moment or three... -- Variety

- You might leave the theatre wondering whose minds were more twisted and demented, those who wrote this movie, or your own? --

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