Reel Movie Reviews: Mirrors

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We're gonna go out on a limb and say Mirrors won't be the film to knock The Dark Knight off of its perch atop the box office. But this horror film could still be worth a viewing.

Let's see if a handful of movie critics from around the country agree...

- While watching it won't necessarily lead to seven years of bad luck, it does make for a fairly aggravating 110 minutes... -- eFilmcritic

- It skirts along the edge of greatness, but for every one thing it does right, it does another so inconceivably wrong... -- Dread Central

Evil Mirrors

- Mirrors isn't a total wash of a horror film, but it is not unreasonable to expect more from a filmmaker who has delivered stronger, more confident works in the past... -- The Movie Boy

- It's not much of a compliment to call Mirrors "considerably better than Shutter, Pulse, or One Missed Call," but the flick is just good enough to make one wish it had shown up before those turkeys... -- FEARnet

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